Street Coach

Three Group Coaching Programs

Street Coach runs three group coaching workshops of two to three sessions each.  The workshops pick a particular area to focus on.  The workshops are a combination of guided discovery, experiential learning, developing personal insights, explanation as to experience and what to take away and the creation of a tangible reminder of the insight and process.

Knights and Demons These three sessions focus on the power of negative self-talk and the creation of positive self-talk.  The first session generates awareness of the power of negative self-talk and ways to identify and to counteract such negative inner dialogues. The second and third sessions work on cultivating tools to counteract the negative. Participants developing strategies and very specific tools to guide more positive thinking and responses. 

If it's all made up then I want it to be....  These two sessions work on developing an awareness of the power of the mind to generate alternative views of situations and to be at choice about how they respond and take action.  These sessions use visualizations, movement and body awareness exercises to help participants to find alternative ways to frame and shape their responses and those of others to events and situations.

What Haven't I Thought of Yet ?   A workshop challenging the powers of 'stuckness' and assumptions. The first session explores individual default thinking styles and the power of perception. The next two sessions introduce a very simple seven region game board to participants.  They learn how to move around the game board using a dice and as they visit the game board's different regions to ask themselves and each other simple but powerful questions. The game is a simple device to help stimulate creative and lateral thinking.  The final session also introduces some strategies for problem solving. 

Power Up and Pivot : 66 Days to Change

The program differs from the others in its length and intensity.  This program requires commitment from participants and expressly seeks to stimulate and support personal change.  It is a 66 day program meeting three times a week. Two sessions are devoted to various activities and one session to a workshop where participants are supported on working on individual actions.

Like the other programs offers experiential learning activities to generate insights and explores strategies and tools that people can employ.  It is however a program deeply embedded in the context of homelessness offering information about ways to think about the effects of homelessness  -  scarcity, bandwidth taxes and tunneling as ways to understand the potential impacts of homelessness and develop some self-compassion during periods of change.  The program uncovers and re-discovers individuals' interests, qualities and skills and ways to channel and develop these. 

The program fuses action and reflection, mindfulness practices and encourages the group to work together as a peer support group.  As participants set goals these are underpinned with action and accountability plans to encourage personal shifts.

Coaching for Specific Purposes

One to one and group sessions to move and support people seeking to transition into employment - full or part time or as solopreneurs and helping people making a housing transition.

Changes however sort and seemingly beneficial can be occasions of stress, regression and opportunities for past default thinking and behaviors to re-surface.  Supported change processes help people to be successful, sustain success and if there is a stumble or set-back to course correct with greater self-compassion and maintaining vision on the next milestone and goal. 

ServSafe Food Handler Course and Assessment

A basic qualification for anyone wanting to work in the food preparation and food service industry.  Our next training 26th - 28th April.

Can you support the assessment, course booklet and classroom training time for an adult learner keen to move into working with food ?  $60 per student.