Street Coach

Animal Assisted Groupwork

Sometimes switching it up and working with animals is a way to really access people in quite another way.  Humans are hard-wired to be interested in animals and the environment, our survival depended on this millenia ago.  Awareness of and interest in animals and the environment replaces survival concerns. 

Humans are generally fascinated by and want to be with neonotonized animals, those with cute faces and big eyes, mostly mammals. 

We run programs working with dogs.  It has a therapeutic benefit, getting to be with, show affection to, bond and pet a dog.  Importantly working with an animal allows us to explore communication, leadership, expression of expectations and problem-solving skills.  People and animals are vetted to ensure it is an appropriate match and both will benefit from working together.  We offer a six week program, 1.5 hours a week.

Animal Backstories

Sometime animals come with histories of trauma and neglect, stories that people can relate to only to well.  Exploring the backstory to a particular animal, watching progress and recovery can help people along their own change paths; seeing the value of small milestones, seeing persistence and the value of consistency.